Very Easy Tips To Improve The Taste Of Spoiled Food

Very Easy Tips To Improve The Taste Of Spoiled Food

If the taste of your food gets spoiled or there is some mistake then you do not have to worry because they are easy ways to improve them. Today I am telling you here. By doing these methods you can improve the taste of your deteriorating food then know how.

When The Salt Is High In The Food

If your vegetables and pulses have more salt, then you put it in the vegetable pieces, put it in a piece of flour or knead the dough and make the flour tablets and cook it for 4 to 5 minutes. Then after a while, remove the pieces of flour or flour from the flour and drink the flour and flour pills, and the taste of the vegetable will be balanced.

When The Food Is High

If your food has become very hot, then if you have more chilli than accidentally, you can do some easy remedy by doing it. If the vegetable is rosy, then add fresh cream, curd, or cream to it, reduce the sharpness. And the dry vegetable has become hot, then fry a little bit of gram flour in it, it will increase the taste of the vegetable also and the sharpening will also decrease.

Filling Of Parathas When The Masala Is Wet

When making the Paratha, the Bhavna masala becomes wet, so it is very difficult to make paratha and breaks the parathas. To fix this, grind the salt to the ground and it will also increase the spice and the flavour will also increase.

When The Water Is High In Rice

Many times the rice becomes wet due to the excessive increase in the water while making the rice. To fix them, put the hot saffron under the pan or the cooker, open the lid, it will dry the water with its warmness, you can make one or two grams of bread Keep it aside, in a short time, it will absorb all the water and the water of rice will be reduced.

Reducing Sourness

Sometimes, while preparing raita, when curd/condiments are sour, you can reduce the sourness by adding milk to it. On the other hand, make tomato gravy many times, there is more sourness in it. You can easily reduce it by putting one spoon sugar.


Sometimes the flavour is spoiling because of the sweetness of the kheer or radio that is so sweet that if you do so, mix one or two spoonful custard powder or cornflour in a bowl of milk and mix it in sweet food after adding three to four minutes. The sweetness of your food will be reduced.

The Cake’s Batter Is Thin

If you are making cakes and water is added, then people usually add cake powder and put it in addition, besides adding a slice of bread, it can be easily cured and the cake will also be a good blossom.

When The Dough Of Cookies Is Loose

Due to the increase in ghee many times, while making cookies, the dough remains loose and it is very difficult to get them shaped. To improve them, you should keep the dough of cookies in the fridge for 10 to 15 minutes, then make a cake and bake it will make it more crispy and tasty.

Pasta Or Noodles On Adhesive

Pasta or noodles stick to pastes or noodles for a long time after boiling them, and in such cases, their taste gets spoiled. To avoid this, wash them with water in the tap and keep oil on them and they will be scratched by doing this.


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