Raw Mango Chatney Will Be Delicious

Raw Mango Chatney Will Be Delicious

 I am about to share the recipes of raw mangoes and sour delicious chutneys with you today. Those mines seem to be very tasty. With this delicious chutney, you will eat two roti instead of one bread, then again, let’s start making what is going on. The raw mango’s delicious chutney

Essential Ingredients – Ingredients For Raw Mango Recipe

  • Raw Common = A
  • Pradeep Chilli = 2
  • Onions = half-cut
  • Mint leaves = 10
  • Green coriander = a fist
  • Garlic = 6 buds
  • Salt taste
  • Black pepper = 6
  • Zero = Half Teaspoon
  • Water = according to need

Method – How To Make Raw Mango Chutney

To make raw mango’s delicious chutney, first, wash the mango thoroughly and peel it in thick and thick pieces and peel the onion and cut it into thick pieces.

In a mixer jar, add salt to the raw mangoes, chopped onions, proven red chillies, green coriander, mint, garlic cloves, black pepper, jeera and flavour.

Add water to as needed and grind the chutney to a thick dough. It does not have to be very thin to make chutney. This delicious sour chutney is very good to eat.

If you grind it on a cube then it looks even tastier. If you have a bottle of cough in your house, then you mix this sauce on a cobbled grinder.

Take the prepared chutney in a bowl and serve this Tasty and Yummy Chutney with food. This raw mango testi and yummy chutney will increase the taste of your food further.

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